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#83250 - and said to Gail, We're looking for number 318, see anything like that on any of those buildings?!? Uh, it's so dark I can barely see, wait a minute, that one said 511, it's a good two blocks more, she replied, it's up there, I can see some cars parked under that street lamp!!! Jeff found a spot about a half a block from the club and the two of them walked arm in arm the rest of the way!!! There was a bouncer standing by the front door with a flash light, checking id's, and seeing as how Jeff and Gail were in their late twenties, he just nodded his head and let them pass! Once inside, there was makeshift ticket booth set up, and a sign over the top that read, Men $100. 00-Single Women Free!!! Wow, Gail said, not cheap, I'll split it with you, I didn't realize it was this much!!! Forget it, he replied, let's go inside!!! There was a portable bar set up with three bartenders, so Gail grabbed a couple of beers and said, My treat!

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