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#163130 - I then stood back to admire my handy-work! Here was this gorgeous coffee-coloured girl hog-tied before me, with her legs spread brazenly, causing her beautifully shaved pussy to gape open at my mercy! I clambered up onto the bed beneath her and, kneeling between her outstretched limbs, I lowered my face towards her groin and just paused to admire the appearance and scent of her dark-skinned pussy, with its inner pink slightly showing. Then I thought ‘Bollocks – why not!’ and crammed my dick back down inside her throat as far as it would go, and almost immediately sent a fountain of spunk gushing down her intestines! As I jerked and thrust involuntarily, pumping my seed deep into her gut, I didn’t even CARE that she was choking and nearly vomiting; I had had my fill! Eventually I released my grasp on her head. It was like a release mechanism … suddenly I sank, balls-deep, into her face as her throat finally gave up the unequal struggle! She was still retching for all she w

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Nazuna nito
Well he punished her
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