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#264546 - Even female chimpanzees will sell themselves in exchange for payment in the form of food. You do not perform acts of cruelty to protect yourself from being powerless, you do it to replicate the men you hate so much. “Then doesn’t that make me real? If I have the same influence on you as the “real” Jack, then am I not the Jack you always perceive? When you talk to him, are you sure you are not merely talking to me, since I am what you interpret of him? After all, people always create meaning out of things that might not exist, but are you sure that is the case here? If I can touch you, kiss you, and shape your mind the way the “real” Jack would, then does that not make me real?” “Yes,” she murmured again, feeling her womanhood beginning to warm as her emotions were transformed into physical sensations.

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