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#324039 - One lunch time we were all sat down taking a break, Tina and Rick were talking even though their conversations were frosty. When l arrived at Sasha’s she was still in her uniform, l took off her tie saying she won’t be needing that then sat on the sofa kissing which led to me unbuttoning her blouse and lifting her bra over her developing tits, she helped me off with my top and we made ourselves more comfortable on the sofa as we kissed l squeezed her tits then raised Sasha skirt and took down her knickers to give her pussy a good finger fucking so to open her hole as wide as l could because she was going all the way, but didn’t know it yet. Getting back in the car l told Sasha there were two blokes and they just wanted to watch, she thought l was joking and l opened her top then two faces appeared, she covered herself, l managed to talk her around and she opened her top so l could suck her tits while finger fucking her, l could tell Sasha was nerves, but that was only to be expected

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