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#82942 - He is paying so much attention to being taken from behind that he doesn’t realize that someone is positioned right next to his face, while he is panting a large hard cock is thrust into his mouth, he has never had this, is unsure of what to do, but starts licking, sucking, tasting, the cock is thrusting hard and he chokes a few times, its his wildest fantasy, being helpless, having no say, being unaware of surroundings and circumstances. She thinks that she needs to start planning for next time sooner than she thinks……. The hands start exploring his body, his neck, back, shoulders, his butt, thighs and calves, he cant count how many pairs of hands there are, he’s beyond caring, he relaxes and enjoys the hands, enjoys the caressing and the exploring.

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She s had so much plastic surgery i d still hit though
Izumi takanashi
She has got a very good gawk gawk technique