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#98476 - she gaged and choked as this happened she could not breathe she tried to get air but nothing could get inside her mouth. he then made her get on her bed and he tied her left and right hands to the bedposts at the top so they were spread apart, he then tied 1 piece of rope to her left foot and threw it over the top of her cannopy pice above her bed, then he tied it in place and he repeated this on the right side. He pulled out and got off the bed and brought his big blood soaked cock up to Missy's face he tore off the ducktape on her mouth and said suck my cock you bitchy whore! yes daddy Missy said as she began sucking her fathers cock, she could taste the blood and hated it and then she got a suprise she never imagined.

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Glad you liked our hentai
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I miss being fucked
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Your son is a really a son of a bitch