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#365179 - Rikimarue carefully looks at her trying to see any signs that she's lying and he says Oh that's what you mean, and if he does impregnate you would you like that? Ayame says Yes master I would love it, I would be his personal cum dumpster and his personal Orc baby machine . Between the Orcs grunts and Ayame moaning and gagging Merik and Rikimarue hear one of the Orcs say Lets get this whore pregnant again with another Orc baby , The Orcs brutally gangrape Ayame making sure to cum deep inside her pussy. Merik says You should get some sleep before the Orcs gangrape you tonight and he takes Ayames Son, lowers the barrier and leaves the room, Rikimarue says If you continue being a good demon cum dumpster then we'll let you see your Son again , Ayame smiles and says Thank you master .

Read Duro Ushi no Onee-san o Taose! - Touhou project Chacal Ushi no Onee-san o Taose!

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