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#106491 - Now we really let loose, with 20 or so guys turning up to fuck us both, most bi, with a few gay guys too, and it was more comfortable, with padding set out for more room, Sue and I often spent the weekend there letting them fuck us in any hole and any way they wanted too, at no time though did the guys abuse our trust, knowing if they did they would no longer be invited. We stayed for another hour or so, Sue being fucked now in front of every one, her legs up on guys shoulders of around their waists, but she took them all fully and worked their cocks until they cum in her pussy or mouth, When she had time to talk, she told me that 7 or 8 guys had fucked her in the group fuck, I fucked her hard when we got home too, up till now that was the most guys she had been fucked by in one session, some 14 or more tonight. Instead of getting mad, she got even, it turns out, she had a date with a guy before we met, but when she saw him ride past with a girl on the back of his motor bik

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