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#1800 - I was back on the Indomitable we were at Portsmouth a couple of weeks later I went up to London for the week end and rang the number I had, a woman’s voice answered and I said the Duke of Edinburgh here the voice repeated it and I heard her say somebody says he’s the Duke of Edinburgh another voice a woman’s shouted and that’s for me and she came on the phone ,were are you ,Waterloo station I said stop there there’s two stone lions at the front stand at the right hand side one and I will collect you in half an hour . In her letter to me she was over the moon and thanked me for giving it to her but never again as she was ruined for life and would she ever shrink back to normal. The train got to Doncaster and the others got out leaving me in the carriage with her I left my hat on the seat and went to the toilet I came back and there was half a dozen sweets in my hat ,Do you like sweets I put a few in your hat she started chatting with me she was going to stop with her sister in Newcas

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Ai tanabe
Like if you want to fuck me
Ayeka masaki jurai
Chance me
Jiyu nanohana
Tits are great and all but what class do you play
Riko saikawa
Anissa is the bomb just her french accent gives me a boner vive la france