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#49625 - Nina once attended a party hosted by one of their clients, and to show everyone how well trained his new slave was, the master called her to him, where upon he gave her instructions to suck off one of the older ladies attending the party! Without so much as a word of response, the little slut dropped to her knees, lifted the startled woman's dress, and began tonguing her fat lipped vagina for all it was worth, and everyone applauded when the old biddy had a thundering climax courtesy of the mouth of the little cunt lapping slave!!! The master then gave the slut an order to strip herself naked and finger herself to orgasm, which she did with a great deal of gusto! The party then got pretty much out of hand as most of the males, and a good share of the females lined up to be orally satisfied by the amazing little sex hound!!! Nina looked on with pride as one of her prize pupils calmly used her mouth on over a dozen males and half that many females, bringing each and everyone to a sh

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