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#149606 - my first story my name is grace i am 15 years old and this is the story of how i met my true love over the summer it all started on the first day of summer brake i was at the beach when the most beautiful boy i had ever seen walked right up to me an kissed me i said what was that for he said my friends dared me to go upto the sexiest girl on the beach and kiss her so i did my name is luke by the way an sorry if i offended you i replyed no its fine and am grace nice to meet you hi grace would you like to come to party later tonight sure where and what time it on the beach at around 9pm sound great see you there as i walked back home all i could think about was that kiss it was my first kiss and it was amazing he was amazing i couldent wait for the party tonight to see him again i decided to wear my pink strapless dress and sandles i done my hair and makeup and set off as i got to the beach i looked all around for luke i found him with his friends by the ocean i walked up

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