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#420046 - When his cock reached my pussy he gave a push, I moaned feeling the girth of his cock damn you are tight he moaned, slowly pushing he worked more in me, the farther he went in the more I squirmed on the floor. He had me put my hands on top of the car with my legs apart, I began to cry a bit, I couldn't believe this was happening, he was just standing behind me, not doing anything, his hands went on my hips reaching around to my breast, both his hands squeezed them for several seconds, I knew he wasn't looking for anything just getting a feel, especially when he pinched both my nipples. Finally he got up after sucking my breast for awhile saying I like that, but don't move I laid there as he got dressed, he looked at my worn body, especially my wet open pussy, he snickered blowing me a kiss saying thanks baby to me and she's all your now to Sam then just walked out down the stairs.

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