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#323592 - Over the next few months she taught me how to eat her pussy, and work her clit for maximum effect, how to finger her arse hole and eventually how to fuck it, how to delay my own orgasm and generally how to pleasure a woman, the only breaks in my training was whilst her husband was home on leave, I found out that she was 34 years and she had been seeking a bigger cock for some time she had a lovely nature as well as a attractive body, and I never grew tired of our Music lessons as she called them, however it all came to a end one winter evening when Sarah came home early and caught me balls deep in her mother’s ass, with her bent over a chair arm talking filth to encourage me to fuck her ass harder. I was now 18 years old and still a virgin by now I knew that having a larger cock was quite a good thing and my drinking buddies constantly referred to it as the “mingewrecker” my confidence with women was still nonexistent though to my friends I pretended otherwise, I had a serious cru

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