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#96544 - wrong ------ ------- -- and i went into the bathroom and then i tried to let the dog out but i diddnt see him and i tripped on him and it got on top of me and started licking me and since ive had sex it felt so damn good but i forced him off of me and got on my knees to run the bath water and then i felt a hairy palms onme and it was the dog and i felt something hard press against my ass and then the dog shoved it all in me i am not gay i was telling the dog but i could feel its knot getting close to trying to get in me and i forced up and the dog started humping faster and it came all in my ass and then my auntie came in the door and said now that looks like fun and then i stuck my dick in her mouth as the dog was fucking her ass and then she started yelling switch and got me and bent me over and she was on the ground sucking my dick more and i was licking her pussy and then the dog kept cumming in my ass and i came in my aunties mouth and my aunt came on my face again and now i

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He looks like the type of guy to smoke a cigarette butt off the floor
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