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#74448 - John reached for a condom and gave it to me, I in turn handed it to Ron to put on, John's fingers were keeping me totally aroused, I then felt Ron moving up on top of me, and suddenly where John's fingers had been Ron's penis was entering me, my thoughts at that moment were good god its really happening it didn't take long for me to be thrusting and moving my body in time with Ron's, Ron started very slowly, then moved faster and faster and at the same time was rotating his hips,I don't really know to much about what was now happening to me, all I know was I was being well and truly fucked by another man while my husband was there right beside me, but soon my legs shot straight up in the air and shook and shook, (John told me this later) John also said that he climaxed at the same time, the first time since he was a teenager, lucky John became aroused very soon and he fucked me harder than I have ever known him too,I clima

Read Gay Outdoors [EBIFLY] Oshiete Onee-san Ch. 8-9 [English] [Decensored] Curves Oshiete Onee9

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