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#315304 - the enemy clan once have came here and killed so many inorder to fullfill the lost they are like this. Now the women cleaned moms body parts with some liquid and they brought some ornaments made of stones and metals and they wore an hat too and now they made her in the stage made for the new comers to fuck. the next day mrng she was so tired and her pussy and ass holes being banged by every men and was so tired and she was left to take rest for 2 days and now there came an women may be doc of thr village and she checked her cervical mucus for periods and now mom is ready for implantation by the head and now its time for marriage and hearing this news head was so happy to enjoy a white chick every day and now sh ewas readied for marriage ceremony>now mom was made as sey as ever by their jewels made of precious stones ear rings bangles and soome cains made of bones she was as hot s a sex godess and too the head also being to shove his sed inside her pussy and now two cahir was being put

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