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#113670 - Lyn didn't wait, she took Lou to our queen size bed and got into a 69 with him, I could hear him enjoying her wet pussy as he slurped and licked her clit, Lyn returning the favour deep throat his cock now, I didn't want to rush Gretchen, but I so wanted to taste her pussy juices too, reluctantly I pulled my cock from her mouth, pulled the table from its mount, put it out of the way then lay Gretchen down onto the seat, quickly finding her tiny clit with my tongue. They too took their clothes off, and she began to suck his cock hard, now they were only a few feet from us, Lou and I said hello, as she nodded whilst keeping his cock in her mouth, he said hello, and commented on us being a nice sight playing together, Lou then said, Yes, his wife's ass feels really good too, I saw the guys face change in total shock, his wife nearly gagged on his cock as she swung around to see. It was some hours later when they knocked on the door, Lyn was in the shower, I was naked having just ha

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I bet she floats in water
Shiho suzui
The girl in the background damn