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#72311 - Finn closed his eyes picturing a neighbourhood party four years ago, which was to do with the Easter period, it was when children would go egg hunting in the local forest, he recalled being there so well because he collected the most eggs, he had just turned 13 at the time and knew the event so well because Clara and Samantha were the ones who handed him the award in front of the entire community, and now four years down the line he was being handed a blowjob by the young milf Clara and the mature women Samantha. As he made his way into the corridor to go towards the front door, he heard Samantha was still talking with the delivery man, to make himself useful he set about collecting his clothing and hers and then placed them neatly onto the dining table thinking to himself he had just had an affair, another affair and then another affair, three affairs. Finn licked Clara is tongue and then took hold of her breast, he looked into her eyes and then took her entire left areola into h

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