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#394934 - She waited patiently, kneeling by the bed, leaning forward to rest her breasts on the edge for support while he calmed back down, idly playing with the cool peas in the bag, feeling them shift between her fingers. “You’re doing so good baby! See, all that pain and suffering paid off! A-ah, ooh fuck baby I’m going to be getting close soon, can you stay soft for me? Can you do that for, ah, for me?” She moaned hard, squeezing him as she laid into him. “Yeah Carter baby, ride that dick, come on, harder…” She moaned, arching her back and squirming comfortably on the bed as Carter obeyed, his slow movements quickening now to the point where the sound of their bodies meeting started echoing around her small bedroom, her icy blue eyes glazed over with lust and the desire for so much more.

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