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#99858 - As much as you gave, it was a mere trickle compare to what you offered shortly when I felt the pressure of your heels in my back, I felt the pressure of your thighs at the side of my head and I heard your muffled scream, your hips rose violently from the bed and your fingers clawed wildly at the sheets, your entire body shook and trembled as your fountain opened and in a series of squirt your precious nectar gust out in abundance, I hung on to you desperately trying to suck every drop from your flower. A smile, a kiss, a touch and a few soft words of love were all it took to get the rhythm going again, there was no pain only the pleasure as your flooded flower welcome more and more of my glittering stem, the rhythm was slow and steady, it didn't take long before the explosions came and once again we were cast to the outer most regions of space and was slowly drawn back to our little paradise where a familiar friend call sleep wrapped our exhausted body in his dark blanket and

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