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#217922 - Tim was struggling into a sitting position his dick was red and looked sore, “Hell man, I have never been fucked like that before, does she always ride like that” he said to no-one in particular, both Jerry and I answered together “No”, Tim and Jerry both Laughed but I didn’t . It was nearly 2pm when Amanda’s car drove into the driveway, I felt somewhat relieved they were home though I had no reason to think anything might have happened, a few moments later Amanda and Susan came into the house carrying bottles of wine and booze and I knew right away that all was not well, Susan acknowledged my cheery hello but in a subdued manner and Amanda just said nothing but stormed past me into the kitchen, I looked at Susan who whispered “I will tell you later but she is really pissed with me for last night” I said nothing in return at that time but later got the story from Susan it seems that in the morning Amanda had confronted Susan after she had gone to the toilet and insisted that she collec

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