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#134273 - But that wasn’t the worst of it, as her stockings had in white letters, “Slut” written all over them; her mini skirt, in each of the pleats, written horizontally, were the words, “Fuck Me”; her tank top had written in white letters, complete with Nike Swoosh in the form of a cock: “Just Do Me”; finally, tied to her neck was a black silk ribbon, with the words “WHORE” written on it. “Wow! I can’t believe it!”, said the sales girl, “You look just like my sister!” Just then the front door bell rang and Samantha heard her husband call out “Hello? Samantha? Anyone?” “In here!” replied the sales girl. Samantha, however much she tried to focus on her captor, found herself glancing back to the orgy.

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Now that s a ass
Himori akiyama
Nice little whore