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#91437 - Later that day Jane came home looking the worst for wear of her weekend off drinking , kissing me and asking if i had a good weekend , said it was just mainly spent at home , that night Jane feeling rather frisky was playing with my cock asking if i wanted to shag her , well i thought her sister in the morning the wife at night why not , soon half way through i looked over to the door , Jane could not see as the headboard blocked her sight , but there was Andrea standing sliding the cucumber from the fridge in and out her pussy, soon Jane was asleep and i went to the shower but before i could get in te door opened and Andrea stepped in , shut the door and stripped and sat on toilet begging me to shag her, i went over my cock still half hard and wet from come and Janes wet pussy she licked and sucked it clean ,the next morning Jane was busy making herself a salad sandwich , which had cucumber in , the remaining 5 inchs of cucumber was being eaten by Jane, the thought of watching my wife

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