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#358517 - When they finished there breakfast James started to talk alright slaves here is what we are gonna do today we are gonna get a shower together then you two get dressed and start to clean the house as I go and explore the powers I got understand me ? He asks looking at them yes master they both answer together. he said as he stand up and starts to take of her shirt his daughter still with a smile on his face when he drops her shirt thank you daddy she says to him baby please don't do this he begs his daughter but I have to daddy he's my master she said as he took of her pants she stept out of it and walked over to James . we came to borrow sugar I also want to wish you a happy birthday he says as he scans her body looking up and down her long brown hair, brown eyes ,cute little smile , her thin hourglass waist , with some nice growing teen breasts she sure was going to grow up as a beautiful women he thinks to himself ooh thank you guys she says smiling and gives them a h

Read Assfucking 成人俱樂部 1-24 Forbidden 成人俱樂部 1-24

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