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#372771 - It was then I first realised how naughty we were being and in a scared voice told him so, his voice softened and he said it would be our little secret and it was alright to be like that with him as he was just looking after me so that I would go again as I was now his favourite. He let me put my bra and dress back on and sat me on his knee again and was serious as he told me I should never tell anybody what we did or I would get into trouble, he needn’t have said it as I was petrified that someone would guess, stupidly not stopping him as he pulled my dress up and put his finger into my crack again. As my own father and grandfather had seen me like this I stopped worrying and was again taken by surprise when he undid my bra, took it of and shook that too as asked me if I needed another ‘pee’ and to be honest I genuinely did and without hesitation squatted once more in front of him, totally naked now.

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