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#275185 - Philip was doing his best to satisfy Tom, and he felt Tom cock getting ready to explode, Tom ejaculated in Philip’s hand, Philip took all the cum to the last drop, then he spread it all over Toms ass, still his fingers fucking Tom he jumped to put his dick into Toms mouth, Tom was delighted, and licked the pee hole of the cock with his tongue, then moved it around its head, he was tasting it, it was nice and hard, then he took it in his mouth, the whole 7 inch cock was in his mouth, using his lips only to suck it, he sucked and sucked, then he felt it getting hard ready to cum, so he sucked it deeper into his throat, Philip ejaculated, a large amount of white hot cream was filling Toms mouth, Tom did not let any drop outside his mouth, squeezing the cock to the last drop and swallowing the entire load. After fucking her husband she moved over and brought a dual head dildo each head pointing to the opposite direction, she asked Tom and Philip to put their asses facing each other, she

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