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#266855 - I hardly heard my husband saying that this was the man who raised Astro, now I knew where the dog got it, and he had moved in next door but as I stared at the stranger I knew I couldn’t tell my husband about the dog or the positive pregnancy test I took earlier today not today at least. Whatever it was something must have sparked in his libido but Astro made to mount me again this time I knew I couldn’t get away but I scooted my hips up onto the mattress a bit and pushed my face down burying it in the sheets. Next he moved down my body and worked his lips over my stomach and to my mound I was nearly hyperventilating feeling his lips grasping my pussy hairs and tugging gently teasing me before he pushed his tongue down on my clit.

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Leona heidern
So hot when you use a white dildo
Otoya ittoki
I want my ass fucked like that