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#261072 - Feeling her muscles contracting around my cock again, she squeezed tighter this time and it was enough to bring me off, my cock swelled and shot six good globs of cum into her, I heard a soft moan as my seed hit the back of her womb. This of course changed things between Rachel, Sophie and me, I would always sleep in bed with Rachel, but every night Sophie wanted me to make love to her, this continued until she was getting married at 24, even on the morning of her marriage we made love. She didn’t pause in her speech as I gently pulled on each nipple, and then I began tweaking each between my thumb and first finger, she relaxed and melted against me, by now I didn’t know what she was talking about, she was still talking as I could hear her voice, after a few minutes I let one hand slip down over her stomach, there I made circles around her navel, I could feel the towel was still pulled together there, so I stayed in that area, then I couldn’t feel it, I eased my hand down, sti

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