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#147237 - Some of the women were screaming as the lash fell, and others were just moaning and whimpering with the cocks in their mouths, as they were being filled with loads of cum! and one was even encouraging the man whipping her to hit her even harder taunting him and saying is that all the better he can do! as she finally orgasmed several times right in a row! She was trembling and shaking violently with each climax! as the stinging lash contacted her swollen clitoris! She helplessly released her last orgasm it spurted out of her slit and ran down her belly and on to her tits dripping off the end of her nipples!. She could not see her pussy but the sensation of the whipping and the fact that she could not move gave her a feeling she did not quite understand! The painful burning and stinging of her clit just moments ago had now become a warm glow in her gentiles as Bulls mouth suddenly closed over Sissy's sweet and sore little clit the sensation immediately brought a shuddering orgasm f

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