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#231778 - To be continued in part 4 As with previous stories, no comments about realism or grammar please. “Jesus that was scary, but so hot, I never came so hard in my life” Suzie said happily as they walked to school, “I heard about it online from some horny old perv” jess said laughing loudly, they all laughed as they walked . Jess went and got in the shower, after a minute she heard a knock on the door, “come in” jess said, Timmy and suzie walked in, both still covered in wet and dry cum, “hey, um sis, we realised that there won’t be enough time for us all to have showers and not be late for school” timmy stated, “yeah, we were wondering if we could squeeze in, and all shower, It looks big enough” suzie added, “of course you can” jess said as the hot water cascaded down her naked body, Timmy and Suzie stripped off any remaining clothes and climbed in, the shower was very big, but still tight for them all, timmy began washing and watched as suzie and his sister washed, to get u

Read Three Some Watashi dake Mite - Just look at me. Uncut Watashi dake Mite - Just look at me.

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Kozue kaoru
Just came
Shin ichijou
Soooo hot love a big mouthful of my hot cum