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#302692 - I got back in to bed and just layed there after taking two loads of cum in my mouth and finding out my girl friend was a whore, my life only got stranger. 3 hours went by and me and Tim were stumbling out of a taxi, and towards my front door, I turned to him and told him to be quite as I was sure Robyn would be in bed asleep and really didn’t want to wake her, so as quietly as two drunk men could be, we snuck in the house and up the stairs, I said night to Tim as he went down the hall to the spare bedroom, I went through the door to the master bedroom and as I thought Robyn was asleep, I took all my clothes off and quietly tip toed round the side of the bed lifting the quilt and sliding in to the bed next to my beautiful girl friend I was tempted to wake her for sex but thought better of it, and fell soundly asleep my self.

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Can i be next please
Yume asakura
Thats exactly what i thought