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#271950 - When I felt it, it was a lot bigger than mine and lovely and hard, as I started to play with it, and there was no one near us, Merve started to take down my pants , I continued to play with his cock and at the same timeI had my pants off and shirt off so I was sitting there nude, me a 13 y. With that he pulled into a Park and there was no one around so he grabbed a blanket off the back seat of the car and layed it on the grass, and told me to get out of the car but don’t put any cloths on just come and lay down on the blanket, so I did what Merve wanted, and at the same time he was taking his cloths off , we layed down together and he took me in his arms and pulled me to him, as he his he did the strangest thing, he kissed me it was a long kiss, and he was poking his tounge into my mouth, the more he did it the more I liked it. Merve moved his hand to the zipper of my pants and started to unzip me, he was older than me and I was enjoying the attention he was giving me, so I just let

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