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#274663 - He asked me to go into the kitchen and stand at the sink as if l was washing up as l walked down the hallway he wolf whistled me, the feel of the stockings rubbing together and knickers holding in my cock got me so hard, l stood at the sink, Jeremy came up behind me slapped my bum then gently rubbed it before putting his arms around my waist l watched his hands moulding my tits then one hand began to caress my cock through my dress, he lifted the back of my dress pressed his cock against my bum and whispered ‘be my slave’ l was trembling as he reached around to the front and slid a hand into my knickers to grasp my cock l thought l was going to spunk but he gripped my balls tight and repeated ‘be my slave’ l couldn’t say no l had found the excitement l was looking for and l knew l would do what ever Jeremy wanted me to do, l was hooked and let out ‘yes, l’m your slave’ he kissed the back of my neck release the hold on my balls slid my knickers down a little way to sandwich his warm coc

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I would love for her to sit on my face
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