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#396035 - Boring. You: Hey Stranger: hey ! You: ASL?? Stranger: f 19 here You: 16 Male Stranger: cool, I'm allison You: David, what you look like?? Stranger: I'm 5'7 tall, with long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, I have a fair complexion, and a slim but fairly curvy figure You: I'm 5'8, short blond hair, blue eyes, palish, and I have a toned body Stranger: sounds great, so what are you into? You: Anything tbh, but no rape Stranger: oh yeah I hate rape roleplays too don't worry Stranger: hmm how about I'm your older sister's best friend? You: Sure, you wanna start?? Stranger: yeah sure, do you want this to be both romantic and sexual or do you prefer one? You: Just sexual, maybe some rom elements Stranger: okay yeah I can do that You: Okay, let's do this then Stranger: it's late at night and your sister invited me to stay with her tonight.

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