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#295373 - Then I crawled over to get 1 of Roxie's toys then I felt a cold nose and then a tongue in my ass it felt so good then I thought it was Roxie but then I say her in front of me then a scene went trough my mind but before I was able to finish it happened Bosco mounted me and started thrusting he missed the 1st few time but then he hit the spot and I yelped which signeled to him he was in then he started thrusting as hard as he could and it hurt at 1st but finally I was getting used to it. Then Roxie came over I maneuvered Bosco so she could lick me but she had a different idea and she got 2 away stuck her ass up and backed up(I couldn't stop because Bosco pinned me down and I had no strength to stop her) Then I penetrated her and with Bosco's movement was so great he was moving me so I was fucking a bitch without anyway to stop it. Then I asked her how was your day? she said ok but I had a huge headache all day.

Read Stepbrother Master no Inu Ma ni - Fate grand order Big Dildo Master no Inu Ma ni

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Chisa tsukamoto
Looks fun
Nene sakura
Hummm me gusta tener todo su leche papi eres muy caliente hmmmm