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#209230 - Mom and Angel both ordered the double everything cheeseburgers, with bacon and jalapeno slices, and the large sized frosted mugs of Uncle Shorty’s home made root beer. I then mentioned the horses wouldn’t mind waiting, if she wanted to join me in my bathroom, to brush our teeth and pick up where we’d left off the night before? She beat me to the bathroom, she also beat me in undressing and to the bed. They knew of her Fellowship in Forensics as well as her reputation for good police work! “Stop that milling like sheep!” She ordered, “You do know you may be destroying evidence at a crime scene, or did you assume the child wandered? Where is your police barricade?” We were on their turf, but Mom would never allow diplomacy to risk a citizen’s life or safety! Mom strode to the door of the house and asked the crying woman there if she had anything the girl had worn recently.

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