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#131985 - Sooo what I was thinking is that we ask him if we can have some chocolate milk before we go to bed and make him one too and put the pills in his drink, that way we could do what we want with him when he goes to sleep, How's that sound? Rachelle says; Well OK but how will we know which one is his glass? Natalia says; I will mark his with a red dot on the side of the glass. I bring the pizza into the kitchen and call to the girls, telling them; Pizzas here! The two girls call from the bedroom asking if I could bring the pizza to the livingroom fro them. While Natalia is off the bed getting naked,my daughter leans over, grabs my cock and puts it in her mouth, sucking on the tip just like she had done the night before.

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Nue houjuu
Thanks for watching my vidoes thank you
Michiru hyodo
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