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#354143 - Ok. ‘Who are we targeting today sensei?’ she asked ‘I want to dispose of a priest, the rest is your choice’ ‘There was this one woman I always hated, she is a prostitute, and a good one at that’ ‘Great, another pimp to kill before I can get to her’ ‘Oh no sensei, she doesn’t have a pimp’ John looked at her ‘No pimp?’ ‘No, she is skilled at combat though, you will need a good weapon’ ‘I doubt that, but I’ll buy a little something on the way if it makes you feel better’ ‘Yes sensei’ ‘You stay here and think up of some way to dispose of her’ ‘Of course sensei, here is her address’ Suni pulled a piece of scrap paper from her pocket, it looked as if it had been written a long time ago ‘Alright, I’ll be back soon’ John walked out towards his car, made sure he had enough rope and enough in the way of stolen credit cards to pay for anything and everything. He then retrieved his sword and attached it to his waist on the left side.

Read Pasivo 浅桐みのり【モブサイコ100】 - Mob psycho 100 Argenta 浅桐みのり【モブサイコ100】

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Elizabeth bathory
Another breathtakingly sexy and beautiful clip thanks