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#272964 - reaching up she put both hands on my shoulders and moved her legs wider apart, reacjind down I grabbed the base of my shaft and eased my cock into Kellys pussy, her face contorted with the pain as my cock broke into her pussy, tears welled up in her eyes and she mouthed a silent OW! Carla kissed and sucked on Kellys breasts as my cock de-flowered my sister. Kelly: I swear to God! Carla: Thats your Aunt Helen? Kelly: Yes honestly! Carla: and you found this in your brothers room Turning in the corridor I looked towards the loft/attic lid that led into my room was not shut properly, knwoing full well my sister had been in there I pushed open her door, walked in and grabbed my magazine from Carla's hands How dare you I shouted turning to Kelly Who gave you the right to go in my room and go through my things? Kelly just sat there, looking a bit startled then exchanging looks with Carla they both burst out laughing You better not tell Mum or Dad about this I orde

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